Code: (14.b.YOR)


Title: Yorokobu Cover


/// Authors: JARD

/// Year: 2014

/// Award: 3rd Prize

/// Prmtrs: Horror Vacui   Visual  Coding Automatic       Translation     Static  Days    0.00 €  Ad hoc


Autumn 2014. Three free days in between two big projects and, suddenly, an email alert pumps into the screen: Yorokobu´s cover will be designed through a public competition. So, we decided to do three proposals, one each day. We ended up almost winning with “Hazlo-tú” (Do It Yourself).

The cover concept was to develop something that could be transformed by the reader if she had enough patience to cut and paste the different letters that conform the word Yorokobu or a combination of them. We are architects so the shapes are volumetric-letters-edifices.

The other covers were only aesthetic-rhetoric approaches so we are glad that the augmented concept reached above the other 867 participants.