Code: (10.b.VUL)


Title: Vulvanize Yourself (Vulvanízate)


/// Authors: Atxu Amann + Gonzalo Pardo + JARD

/// Year: 2010

/// Prmtrs: Noise   Horror Vacui    Visual  Error   Atlas   Color   Assemblage      Translation     Liquid  Kairos        Days                 0.00 €     No      (i) Legal       Commons         Quotidian       Gender  99 %    Ludic        Affect  Visibilise      Control              Otherness  Suburbia        Collaborative   Ad hoc  Public  Exposed


We live in yesterday´s schools a science fiction life. Technology has superimposed on a few scenarios that have been in force for centuries, hiding a reality that is surpassed by everyday life.


The proposal “Vulvanize Yourself” is intended to colonize the territory of the “usual” – where we are all guilty – trying to place in the center of the debate the direct problematic of genitals in the all existing representations of public space; the ultimate space of battle.




The habitus, as the extreme of ignorance, took refuge in the security that guarantees the closeness to things, people and actions, misrepresenting memory. The suppression of the “usual” can be a powerful knowledge and could be extracted through time and estrangement. You need to define new rules, transgressing all the laws created to control shapes and people.


You need to track and visualize all the hidden mechanisms to convey those contents whose purpose is to perpetuate a value system incompatible with the dignity and justice for all beings who inhabit this world (hidden curriculum).


In this proposal, the team tried to go to the more banal but, at the same time, grotesque unbalanced relation between form and meaning; that is, what could be represented or not, communication. Dicks are all over the urban environment social reality- but it is not the same case for vulvas. Why not having a park as soft, complex and shapeless as a vulva?