Code: (17.b.UND)


Title: Under the Rainbow


/// Authors: César Cañadas + Román Sost + JARD

/// Year: 2017

/// Prmtrs: Horror Vacui   Visual  Color   Translation     Days    0.00 €  Gender  Visibilise      Otherness        Collaborative   Exogenous       Ad hoc


“It’s called Under the rainbow and it’s the biggest indoor rainbow in the world, generated with a simple replacement of the station’s neons for others with color.





Under the rainbow introduces a color space throughout the subway station in order to introduce the largest indoor rainbow in the world within Chueca´s neighborhood, with a simple change of lighting.


It is a sustainable operation that allows to invest the rest of the budget in actions of promotion and diffusion in social networks.


Because the icons are not built with money and extravagance but are generated with diffusion, strategy and impact. That is why the money invested in dissemination and events is always a well-used tactic.