Code: (12.y.ITE)


Title: Time MicroCity Iterative Structure


/// Authors: JARD

/// Year: 2012

/// Awards: 1st prize in the national competition Schindler ’13.

         Finalist at Coam PFC competition 2012

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A structure that allows all the routes. An effective structure. An efficient structure. A reactive structure. A global structure. A structure of individualized solutions. An adaptive structure. A structure that is able to accommodate all types of programs in an individual manner (different geometries) but has the same behavior (effective, efficient, global, offset).




The Time-MicroCity (in all cases) is configured and sets up a matrix global structure, which operates in many directions, with an extensive geometric variability, but with a common behavior in structural terms. It is always the same structure despite having different volumes; it is the same structure even with different directions; it is the same structure also with different densities; it is the same structure despite the variation of different stresses. But, throughout all casuistry variability, the structure responds efficiently. In structural terms, we do not propose one single solution, but it only visualizes some of the many possible cases of a system that offers multiple alternatives of development and progression, previewing each and every one provided by the globality and redundancy of the same structural system.


The multiplicity of directions and densities of the matrix, guided by a global organization system, allows the structure to work just as well if you remove one piece, if you add two, etc. Efforts are distributed evenly by automatic choosing of the directions that are more efficient. Therefore, we can say that in a mutant, mutable, matrix, modifiable, expandable and reducible structure, formally undefined as a whole, but extremely specialized in their system.


Thus, the structure responds to a dry assembly based on bolted and mechanized unions, linear and flat steel which are prepared in the same microcity for direct installation in the form of sheets, tubes, profiles and other structural elements.


The sizing of the elements, or their geometric particular configuration, are no problem despite the great diversity and variability of the situations that occur in the project, since numerical control programs now allow for automatic and instant configuration of specific pieces without any loss in the speed of the project´s implementation. Moreover, greater specificity and yield of the elements used for its adaptation to the needs, is achieved without needing to use greatly over-dimensioned and standardized elements or equally conventional configurations.