Code: (10.b.THO)


Title: Thongstone Module (Módulo Thongstone)


/// Authors: JARD

/// Year: 2010

/// Award: Ex Aequo Mention at In & Out competition                                             Finalist in the competition New Properties of Architectonic Concrete

/// Prmtrs: Assemblage     Mutant  Static  Immanence       Days    Awarded Exposed


Make the simple, complex.


The Thongstone module forms a scalar and flexible system, which departs from the design of a simple flat module that conforms a spatial structure that can be subject to multiple interpretations, to successive enlargements and reductions and higher or lower level of combinations.




From an isolated small ball, to a cluster of luminous spaces as a lamp that casts unintelligibly shadows and lights, or as a permeable pavilion lying in the middle of a park. The philosophy of its basic unit seeks simplicity and efficiency association between its elements. It has sought the maximum effectivity in the two dimensions of recyclable plates of different materials to achieve the highest possible volume.


From the material´s point of view, it can be constructed (and actually prefabricated) from many different types of materials: concrete, stone, metal… The current design was conceived and adapted to the 60 pieces provided by a 30×60 cm board, that are able to build a 33500 cm2.