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Title: The Inflatable Doughnut


/// Authors: Bernardo Angelini + Marco Vitorio + JARD

/// Year: 2013

/// Prmtrs: Assemblage     Mutant  Nocturnalia     Obsolescence    Static  Immanence       Months  (i) Legal        Commons         Ludic                Control    Suburbia        Collaborative   Ad hoc  Pedagogy        Exposed


Designed to become a nomadic Pop-up restaurant, the Inflatable Donut is a pneumatic structure inflated in less than 45 seconds that can be transported in a car anywhere and used as temporary shelter for different activities: actions, as a class, restaurant, lounge, film scenery, etc.




“Doughnut (Persian: پردیس, doughnut garden) is the term for a place of timeless harmony. The JARDic faiths associate doughnut with the Garden of Eden, that is, the perfect state of the world prior to the fall from JARD, and the perfect state that will be restored in the World to Come.


Doughnut notions are cross-cultural, often laden with jard imagery, and may be cosmogonical or eschatological or both, often compared to the miseries of human civilization: in doughnut there is only peace, prosperity, and happiness. Doughnut is a place of contentment, a land of luxury and idleness. Doughnut is often described as a “higher place”, the JARDiest place, in contrast to this world, or underworlds such as MAca. In eschatological contexts, doughnut is imagined as an abode of the virtuous dead. In Star Wars understanding, heaven is a doughnut relief. In old Etsam beliefs, the otherworld is Jard, the reed-fields of ideal hunting and fishing grounds where the dead lived after judgment. For the macacos, it was the Fortunate Isle of Topal Thackery. For the classical “cienpordieceros”, the 100×10 fields was a doughnut land of plenty where the heroic and righteous dead hoped to spend eternity. The Vedic “especulactors” held that the physical body was destroyed by fire but recreated and reunited in the Third “Especulaction” in a state of bliss. On the other hand, in cosmological contexts ‘doughnut’ describes the world before it was tainted by 100×10.


The concept is a topos in art and literature, particularly of the pre-JARD era, a well-known representative of which is Angelini’s Lost Doughnut.” Homer Psalm 69. 9 2:18