Code: (15.w.TEM)


Title: Temporal Citizen


/// Authors: JARD

/// Year: 2015

/// Prmtrs: Media   Coding Atlas   Translation     Obsolescence    Liquid  Weeks   No      Commons         Visibilise      Otherness       Pedagogy


30 minute research audiovisual projected in three separate screens of a triangle room.


Human beings began to inhabit the world in a time that consisted only in the now, in the world without time, there was only today. When space ceased to be a journey, it became a location and architecture naturally appeared as time was extended in duration to achieve a linear, cyclical, fragmented and even postponed to a virtual paradise in a parallel world inhabited by the imagination which was verbalized in gods.


We started projecting time to particular spaces and territories in the world to achieve duration. Now all variables became unstructured to rejoin in an entity known as augmented reality where virtual and material space are only the area where the global time occurs. Today we return to the now but to become expert temporary citizens in the augmented hyper-time that is the core of all human experience, the global time.




Like our ancestors, we are nomads in a world so altered where we do not even know the cycles of the seasons, the menstrual cycles and the difference between day and night. Like them, we sleep, eat, live and reproduce ourselves when and where we can: here and now. And if anything defines contemporary cities is this: the intense search for how to inhabit it. Heavy, expensive and slow things do not fit in the information age. Is in this virtualization of the global, where real space gives way to a complex system of infinite variables that will only be connected over time, global time. All humanity shares the same time.


Global time is able to connect information, space, society and individual in real time. This, together with the digital-physical hybridization, may cause the un-intensification of the use we cause on the environment (Meadows report) and on its translimitation (Ernest García). It increases exponentially speed, multiplicity and availability of communications for social engagement (Peuplade or Voisin -age) and to the collective creation (Whatif or Neighborland). It is the complete learning space (Paco González, Enric Senabre), it could organize (sedientID), plan (think tanks), generate alternative work processes (online coworking) multiplying dialogic learning and serendipity.


“For the tribal man, space was an uncontrollable mystery. For the technological man, that place is occupied by time”.

– Marshall McLuhan, The Medium is the Massage