Code: (16.b.ORA)


Title: Orange is the New Black


/// Authors: César Cañadas + Román Sost + JARD

/// Year: 2016

/// Prize: 1st Prize for the national competition COAM Lounge

/// Prmtrs: Visual  Corporal        Assemblage      Translation     Nocturnalia     Days    Commons         Affect        Collaborative


A ladder on a narrow platform. An intermediate space with a gap and an opportunity. Only two acoustic planes, a section lounge, a six-character sign, four surface textures and a color: The Orange. Orange is the new black.


For the Clockwork Orange. For the tigers. For line 7. For the saffron. For Madrid´s sunsets. For the orange trees and their juices. For feminism. For the self-portrait of Gauguin. For the “butanero”. For the fire. For amanita cesarea. For Halloween. For Luis Barragan. For the Golden Gate. For the Buddhists. For Breaking Bad. For the carp. For the autumn. For shaky flesh. That’s why, ORANGE.




The architectural project “Orange is the new black” takes advantage of a space opportunity to put in the foreground an atmospheric condition supported by simple design decisions:


– A rest concept based on an energetic color but nuanced through different characteristics of softness, spongeness, padding and thickness. Because in the conditions is where the battle of relaxation is fought.


– An idea of socialization based on the staircase as a device capable of agglutinating conversation, feeding and disconnection. Because public spaces in section are more social.