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Title: More of the Same (Más de lo mismo)


/// Authors: Ian Nose + JARD

/// Year: 2011

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More than 3000 km of coastline that conforms a production system based secularly in sunny tourism and the unbridled construction of this beach habitats.


Everlasting King of Spain: “We all have come together to execute the amazing idea of this young entrepreneur. We are no longer building on the coast, but building THE coast; give more sea to everyone. In Spain giving economic dynamism it is not so much innovation, work or value added, but the possibility of offering sun and beach to visitors. That sets up the money machine.”




Young entrepreneur aka money lover: “During the boom years, i.e. credit at will, it was said that there were production-exporting economies and other import-consume ones, apparently strongly fixed in the genetic code of the countries. A good exit for our crisis lies in exporting which can be interesting to others. In our country what generates more value abroad is precisely the sun and the beach. That is what we will export and generate value by selling houses to foreigners as a second home, or directly giving them small portions of our country (example of the Balearic Islands).


Spanish old President: “The problem is that we have too much peninsula and just over 3000 km of coastline. To maximize the results we will have to re-densify the edge, but it will not be enough. We cannot do much with most of the territory being unproductive, sparsely populated, little known and explored, but mostly little used. With the available means today, the network infrastructure linking the interior with the edge of the peninsula and the prospect of “sea to all” the provinces of Spain, the invitation of the “AVE for all” will remain as a reminiscence of the past.”


Spanish old President: “But, it is not intended to steal land from the sea. We are ecologists… It will not be simply moving those pieces of interior to a coastal condition or bringing the coast to certain inland areas”.


Progressive intellectual: “If we have always spoken of the contrast between interior and exterior, between center and periphery; with a periphery defined by its contact with the sea, everything here becomes periphery, outdoors. The coast is in fact present everywhere in Spain, or perhaps no one will predict that the Spanish province with the highest number of kilometers of coastline will be Badajoz, even inside. We only have to take advantage of our situation: good weather, nature reserves, high mountain areas with winter sport facilities, large urban areas…


Aneca Scientist: “Ultimately, we will detect the territorial situations that can complement well with the nearby presence of a coast to further maximize tourism development. Thus, a new side of the peninsula will be formed, with much more water, much more easily multiplicable by 5 with respect to the current length. A vacation paradise.”


Spanish old President: “As if this were not enough advantages, all our dreams would come true. Or perhaps, who has not dreamed of being able to drive to Mallorca by car? Or the Canary Islands? or Italy in the middle of the Mediterranean? No more relying on airlines that are always delayed or drivers on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Even it helps traffic, avoiding long journeys to reach the beach. Even better, Madrid will have beach.”


Progressive intellectual: “We propose a new medium, as natural as any other, that is perfectly suited to our current use of the territory. We will move people and land where it will interests us in the way we want. Robert Smithson Spiral already did it the Jetty at the Great Salt Lake in Utah, USA.”


Aneca Scientist: “We will build the largest experiment of creating an own territory that has been carried out in history. Valdepeñas should be sought on the coast, because there will be no more than water, the Sea of La Mancha.”