Code: (16.b.MAR)


Title: Marium


/// Authors: César Cañadas + Román Sost + JARD

/// Year: 2016

/// Prmtrs: Visual  Corporal        Assemblage      Translation     Nocturnalia     Days    Commons         Affect        Collaborative


The 16th of July is the take-off; the 20th is the moon landing; the 21st they hit the ground the lunar surface for the first time and, the 24th they come back and land in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We are in 1969, in the Apollo 11. Launched at 10:32 local time at Cape Kennedy base station, Florida (United States), and driven by a Saturn V rocket from the platform LC 39A. The crew is composed by the mission commander Neil A. Armstrong, 38; Edwin E. Aldrin Jr., 39 and LEM pilot, nicknamed “Buzz”; and Michael Collins, 38, command module pilot. Officially, the mission is known as MT-506 in reference to its landing location: the Mare Tranquillitatis.




Since then, Mare Tranquillitatis becomes the icon of the culture of relaxation: Jericho Jones writes a song, Galactic Cowboys another, Vangelis an album, Paul Russel a novel, Howard Korder a play, log horizon 2 an anime … Actually, the whole lunar landscape, through images taken by Neil Armstrong becomes the paradigm of resting because, literally, refers you to a space-time from another planet.


The four red capsules that make up the project for the COAM lounge (Mare Tranquillitatis, Mare Serenitatis, Mare Cognitum and Mare Ingenii) are identified individually with each of the four main notions that make up MARIUM (evade, sublimate, inform and create) and its corresponding programmatic uses (rest room, relaxation room, information desk / books and classroom workshop). All of them provide a welcome network to the Official College of Architects of Madrid associated with the care of the physical and mental rhythm of its members and visitors.