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Title: JS Network


/// Authors: JARD

/// Year: 2014

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/// Prmtrs: Visual  Media   Coding Diagram Automatic       Translation     Mutant  Liquid  Static  Kairos  Days                 0.00 €     Ludic   Suburbia


Printed and static documents, both in their format and in execution, demonstrate an inability to accommodate cross, nonlinear, upgradeable and interconnected speeches. Computational time and, therefore, its research, functions as a network of hyper-linked mutant, indivisible, instant and uncertain contents that are always partially complete and incomplete.


The JS Network (neuronal approach) is just a transformation of the HCC into a coded document that is able to test the different mobility simulations that could happen within the building by a group of rapid commuters that have different use patterns of the building.


Data collections do not create theories by accumulation but they become the ground to inspire theories. Besides, these case files rarely have the time or the tools to exercise criticism. That is why, experiments on simulation will give us more accurate information about the buildings response capability of the building; in this case the HCC.