Javier Argota & Rodrigo Delso | JARD

JARD compromises an ever mutant network of people with diverse profiles such as sociologists, engineers, architects, artists, philosophers, academics or bloggers that have in common that always Javier, Rodrigo or both are involved in the project.

Javier Argota Sánchez-Vaquerizo (Madrid, 1987) is an Architect by the Architecture School of Madrid (2014), specialised on big data and parametric architecture, media and new technologies applied to city planning. He is currently spatially located at Carnegie Mellon, in the Computer Science & Architecture Department,  and was a former researcher at the Hypermedia Research Group of the Technical University of Madrid. He has been a Visiting Student at the College of Architecture of the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago (2008-09) and has worked for the Lacaton&Vassal studio in Paris (2010-11). He is a recipient of a Fullbright Scholarship and he won the national prize “Arquimedes” for young researchers of Spain in 2015. Amongst other teaching experiences he was the founder, teacher and coordinator of the Master in Infographics and Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, MIAU (https://www.facebook.com/infografiaenarquitectura.ETSAM.UPM/?fref=ts), the firtst program of its kind in the city of Madrid.

Rodrigo Delso Gutiérrez became a chronopath long time ago and is always implementing the temporal parameter in every project he is involved: artistic, architectural, pedagogical, sociological, political or urban. He is an architect from Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (2012) that currently works at the same university as a researcher and teacher, being spetialised in critical theory, architectonic communication and augmented reality. He graduated with Honours with a final project titled “Time Micro-City” (http://nodopfc.blogspot.com.es/2012/10/microciudad-de-tiempo.html) that has been awarded and exhibited in several events and competitions. He also graduated with Honours from the Master in Advanced Architectural Projects of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (2012) with his Master´s Thesis “Disperse Variables around Global Time: Architecture and the Temporal Citizen”. His formal training was complemented at the Illinois Institute of Technology (2008) and with a Master in Research Architecture in Goldsmiths University (London). Rodrigo has been also awarded in the national competition Arquímedes (2014) for young researchers of Spain organized by the Ministry of Education and recipiento of La Caixa scholarship to develop his ongoing PHD titled “ChronoPolis” (http://chronomad.tumblr) that won the international competition Connecting Cities with its subproject “ChronoPolis in streaming” (http://chronopolis.ddns.net/). He is the academic coordinator of the Masters in Architectonic Communication, MAca, of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (www.maca.aq.upm.es), the only educational program that links communication, mediation and architecture in Europe.


Selected Prizes:

2016_ 1ST Prize in the competition COAM Lounge to refurbish the Architectural Association of Madrid.

2015_ 1st Prize at the national competition Arquímedes for young researchers of Spain with the project Hypermobile Commuters City.

2014_ Winner of the European competition IN/VISIBLE City 2014 organized by the platform Connecting Cities.

2013_ First prize in the competition “Schindler: mobility solutions” 2013

2010_ First prize in the competition “Gran Vía Posible 2010” organised by the COAM (Architecture Association of Madrid)

2013_ First prize in the competition “Short-films SDEurope 2013”

2006_ Winer design of the “CEMEX 2006”

2016_ 2nd Prize in the competition Caprice Museum of Madrid.

2016_ 3rd Prize in the competition Furniture to Share to renew the benches of Madrid.

2011_ Third prize in the competition “Silestone 2011”.

2014_ Award at the national competition Arquímedes for young researchers of Spain with the analysis ChronoPolis.

2010_ Design of a performance during the Madrid nuit blanche 2010.

2012_ Special mention in the competition “Schindler 2012” for mobility solutions.

2012_ Consolation prize in the drawing competition  “ETSAM 2012”.

2011_ Honourable mention in the competition “Una barra de bar”

2011_ First consolation prize in the SIKA competition 2013.

2010_ Consolation prize in the competition “In and Out 2010”

2006_ Honourable mention in the National Archaeological Museum.


Selected Publications:

2017_ “After 1.097 hours watching Puerta del Sol”,  Open! Online Mag (review process), Issue “Affect Space”.

2017_ “Computational Cities: Hypermobile Commuters City”, Eurocities Book, Issue “30 visions for an urban future” (http://www.eurocities.eu/eurocities/30visionsforcities).

2016_ “Open Urban Television”,  Book “What Urban Media Art can do”, ISBN: 978-3-89986-255-3

2016_ “The conflict of urban synchronization: asynchronous citizenship”, Parse Journal, Issue # 4 “Time” (http://parsejournal.com/article/the-conflict-of-urban-synchronicity-and-its-heterotemporalities-asynchronous-citizenship/)

2016_ “Borges, al menos, lo reconoció”, Bartlebooth Book, Issue “Cuatro estrategias menores”, ISBN 978-84-617-5198-3

2017_ “Open Urban Television”, Parlamentos Book, ISBN 978-84-946306-1-3

2016_ “Hypermobile Commuters City”, Datos Book, ISBN 978-84-946112-1-3

2017_ “London Space-Time & Lowdown Scores Tale (LST)”, Displacements Journal.2012_ Speculactions publication_ ISBN: 84-940020-8-3

2012_ “Right or Wrong”, Speculactions publication Book,  ISBN: 84-940020-8-3

2012_ “Poker thought”, About Hands Book, ISBN: 84-940020-9-0

2012_ 100×10 Book, ISBN: 84-940020-7-6

2011_ “Time Micro-City”,  ISBN: 84-92641-79-6

2010_ “Rocky Virtuality”,  ISBN: 84-92641-52-9


Selected Exhibitions:

2016_ Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburg), Open Urban Television.

2016_ Het Niewe Instituut (Rotterdam), Open Urban Television.

2016_ European Union Summit (Brussels), Hypermobile Commuters City.

2016_ Barlett University (London), Open Urban Television.

2015_ Milan Design Week (Milan), Hypermobile Commuters City.

2015_ Medialab-Prado (Madrid), Open Urban Television.

2014_ Final Show at Goldsmiths University (London), ChronoPolis in Streaming.

2014_ Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM): best research from Young researchers in Spain, Hypermobile Commuters City.

2014_ Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura (Madrid), Time Micro-City.

2012_ Sinergias Latentes (Seville, Barcelona, Vigo, Madrid, Alicante, Zaragoza, etc.), Time Micro-City..

2012_ EME3: New ways of understanding architecture, at the COAC (Architecture Association of Catalonia), Cover me Latina.

2012_ Architecture Association (Madrid), Time Micro-City.

2011_ Matadero of Madrid as part of the exibition “el Abrazo del Arte”.

2010_ City Council of Madrid as part of the exhibition “100 años de la Gran Vía”, 365 Gran Vias.

2010_ Teatro Prize, Madrid, as part of the exhibition  STOY 2010.

2007_ IFEMA, Fair of Madrid, as part of the design internation fair “Casa Pasarela”.

2006_ IFEMA, Fair of Madrid, as part of the building international fair “Construtec”.

2005_ Spanish National Archaeological Museum, Madrid, as part of the exhibition DIbujo y Diseño 2005.