JARD architecture studio / Computational Cities

contact: info@jard.us

How does big data, augmented realities, real-time technologies or its own socio-political conditions shape citizen´s everyday life? JARD researches, experiments and develops projects to implement the ongoing parametrizations of reality within the built environment and its architectures from a critical point of view.

JARD has two main research lines in which they focus:

1. Automatic Architecture: the production of edifices and devices that are generated through coding and programming.

2. Real Time Urban Studies: the development of city analyses that evolve, evaluate and adapt in real time.

We live in a digitalised world where IP networks transfer more than 7.3 petabytes every 5 minutes, where Warcraft players double the population of Austria, where Facebook with more than 500 million users is the third most populated territory in the world, where the amount of data extracted from the public sphere per second is bigger than all previous archives or where ebay is the biggest existing market in the world and, still, architectures fight to stay unchangeable: the same urbanism, the same neighbourhoods, the same buildings, the same divisions of domesticity.

JARD is an architectonic physic-digital office that works during a daily average of 13 hours 23 minutes and 54 seconds in a discontinuous space-time without adjusting to official vacation periods and on a mutant velocity depending on the context conditions of every project.

JARD´s location is constantly in motion usually varying between university offices to city´s garages in London, Boadilla del Monte, Berlin, Tarazona or Madrid, having always a fast internet connection.

JARD works with the state of the art digital tools to handle both complex systems of development and the big data archives that grounds it to the real-time reality that it faces.

JARD compromises an ever mutant network of people with diverse profiles such as sociologists, engineers, architects, artists, philosophers, academics or bloggers that have in common that always Javier, Rodrigo or both are involved in the project.

Javier Argota and Rodrigo Delso are architects by the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (2014 and 2012 respectively) currently working as researchers and professors at the same university that have complemented their training at Goldsmiths University (London, 2015), Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburg, 2016) and the Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago, 2008). Javier researches on data visualization, interactive media and new technologies applied to urban planning and architecture within Hypermedia Research Group at Polytechnic University of Madrid. Rodrigo is a chronopath, specialised in critical-theoretical research on the digital dimension of cities, who is currently developing his PHD titled ChronoPolis that has been recently awarded in the national competition Arquímedes (2014) for young Spanish researchers.

Both are the founders of JARD, the innovation pedagogical platform 100×10 (www.100×10.org) and masters program in Architectonic Communication, MAca (www.maca.aq.upm.es) of the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

# To see a detailed  & comprehensive cv of both Rodrigo and Javier, please click on the parametric portraits.