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/// Authors: JARD

/// Year: 2014

/// URL:

/// Awards: 1st prize for young researchers of Spain in the national competition Arquímedes ’15.

/// Prmtrs: Horror Vacui   Mutant  0.00 €  Visibilise


The project has an online platform with the specific materials that have been included into the analysis together with the structural references studied to test some of the conditions surrounding the Hypermobile Commuters City.




The whole research forms a continuous discourse which is always complete because it investigates and validates the existence of the possibility- but always unfinished because it is always in process-.


In this research we try to avoid this pre-set and think of all the grey territories that arise between extreme positions. The research materials are always but never totally related to the practice of architects and urban planners. This materials are not only the ones that expose that their practice is obsolete but the ones that offer alternatives and, even, contradictions.


In this context, the materials that form this research may seem global but, at the same time, have been specifically extracted only its aspects around two main areas: the information related structural alternatives and capability for change and the information that inaugurates or introduces new realities in the system of construction of buildings; the process.


The amount of information collected for the research overtakes the possibility of including all of its specific details into the investigation but transforms into points of inflexion for the next data to come. Not everything is included in the research but has worked as necessary material for it to be developed.