Code: (14.y.CAR)


Title: HCC Cartography


/// Authors: JARD

/// Year: 2014

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For us, as Deleuze said, the diagram is the agent of the construction of reality.


After obtaining the big databases of Madrid´s Council, we developed a designing strategy through cartographic tools. Different diagrams, with different resolutions, capable of being enough rigorous, flexible and precise to be able to design with an incredible amount of accuracy. The diagrams set out the vectors where to propose different alternatives of architectures.




As diagrams freaks, we use it as a  map  of  “pure  relations” -relations of forces “outside” related terms-, a cartography of “lines of escape” that could develop an alternative construction of the qualitatively new (that which is new in kind) that could surpass the past or present actuality.


Some call this the topological design approach where there is no script, nor a temporary measure of events that occur on a schedule. Instead, it is a diagram of overlapping realities defining layers of architecture.


Within the diagram of overlapping options, the architect assumes the path he wants to take. He searches the contagion of one or the other. He expresses his interests, reflects on his possibilities, finds his goals, takes advantages of his chances.


Only by the ability to incorporate the personal interests into the creative processes, we can achieve the maximum from ourselves.