Code: (12.c.CAS)


Title: Casting I wish


/// Authors: Borja Gómez + Ioannes Busca + María Luisa de Miguel + Atxu Amann + Gonzalo Pardo + JARD

/// Year: 2012

/// Prmtrs: Noise   Horror Vacui    Textual Visual  Media   Corporal        Atlas   Color   Translation        Nocturnalia     Obsolescence                 Liquid     Kairos  Weeks   No      (i) Legal       Quotidian        Gender  99 %    Ludic   Affect  Visibilise                   Contagion  Control Otherness       Collaborative        Participatory   Exogenous       Massive Ad hoc  Awarded Pedagogy        Exposed


At 5pm, Saturday 19th November 2011 the action “Casting I wish” started.


I wish is a collective action whose aim was to simulate a casting to advertise the Agencia de Apoyo a la Arquitectura de Barcelona and become the advertisement of itself. For that, in 32 hours a 700 square meter open space was transformed in a heterotopic tour where space-time was altered to produce an immersion in an oneiric world where citizens dreamed about their cities and shared them with architects.




At half past six in the morning, Pardo welcomed the forty volunteers at the Sants railway station. Afterwards, he went with them to the empty gallery in Barcelona´s city center where Delso, Argota, Malu and Gómez were waiting for them to have breakfast. When Amann arrived in the midday of Saturday at the same place, she couldn’t believe what was happening in the eyes of the “100×10” and “Especulacciones” members. It showed the tiredness of 32 hours of restless work, differently “disguised” depending on their needs; more brilliant and appealing if possible- than when we met them for first time: a gang of free workforce; of teenagers who were challenging all the experts analysts of the youth and the present time, by donating energy to deflower themselves making an architectonical action without any guaranteed success.


This Project had started one month before, in one of those senseless Sundays evenings, as today, when we met for generating projects, dreams and actions apart of our quotidian dynamic. In this occasion, Mrs. Arribas, professor at the School of Architecture of Barcelona, had entrusted us with opening the Agencia de Apoyo a la Arquitectura de Barcelona. Such a risky initiative in those times of economical crisis and intellectual drought, it was worth more than a transgressor lecture with a cocktail party included. That’s why we decided to use the 1000 euros of honorary in an action which mobilized our collectives imaginaries and made us have some fun even if we had no idea what we were talking about. We only knew the cost. 


The exact instructions were shared out to a perfectly organized teams that were following an ambitious, precise but realistic work plan. While some of the groups were hanging posters and were announcing the event in particular strategic points, others were building the rambling space which would surround the action. Following the same phases than any other construction process, the inexperienced hands learnt to measure, to redesign, to put up, to staple, to nail, to glue, to sew, to carry, to light, to wire up, to set up, to storage, to connect. When they stopped to eat their sandwiches, they smiled in silence. And again, to work: they needed wallpapers, to clean, to sweep, to wash, to join, to install, to write, to unpack, so sweat, to fit and to improvise.


In the entrance door, two young people smartly dressed the tallest Especulacciones guys- welcomed you by tempting you to go in a large black hole, where a nice face took you and went with you in a visual tour though different cities images. She or he invited you to draw, write, mark and leave your track with a chalk while you were recognizing your dreamed city.


At the end of the sloping corridor, you arrived to a room were cities images were projected and you were registered with your name and a picture of your identity in a 30 minutes heterotopic trip which could be imagined behind a semitransparent wall. You could see silhouettes of two photographers which pictured you at the start of the journey, they would show you your portrait and they would drive you to a sequence of seven spaces where you could think about your wishes in the city and you would let yourself go gradually to a semiconscious state of reflection. In every one of those places you will be brushed, you will chat with other people with the same or different dreams, your look will be modified according to your fantasies which you will write down on post-its which will cover a wall; you will use clothes to change your identity and you will be again pictured with the image of your wished city but, this time, being part of it.


Some citizens told to the hairdresser what they liked the most of the city, and they told to the makeup artist what they feared about it, and the photographer discovered their secrets, and the receptionists listened to them, those who were drunk in the table chatting about the climate change and even two elder women drew an utopia and were sited down with “this handsome guy”, who as all of us- had taken off his architect disguise to be somebody who dreamed that one day we could make a collective action in Barcelona; where we would build a fake casting, which would be named I wish, where we would be professionals to make real what they wished, to make people feel that they are the most important thing. At midnight, everything ended.