Code: (16.b.CAP)


Title: Caprice Museum


/// Authors: ZigZag + César Cañadas + Román Sost + JARD

/// Year: 2016

/// Award: 2nd Prize

/// Prmtrs: Noise   Visual  Atlas   Liquid  Kairos  Weeks   99 %    Affect  Collaborative   Exogenous       Awarded        Public  Exposed


“The impulse to create begins -often terribly and fearfully- in a tunnel of silence.”

– Susan Sontag, Aesthetics of Silence


Volavérunt is a transition-museum between the Capricho Gardens and an air space of voyeurism and music that re-frames it. The project realizes a minimal architectural intervention of emptying so to generate a great space of silence, that makes possible to enjoy a time in white, until taking us back to the Park of the Capricho, but from a new vision: not only spatial but also intellectual, empowered and affectively impacting.




Parque del Capricho is one of those unexpected places, a green paradise among concrete gardens, which does not need to be boosted. You just have to let it shine.


Volavérunt finds a possible gap in the palace to create a space flexible enough to make a progressive transition, between the immersive experience at ground level and the open experience in bird’s eye view. A box between two worlds: the ground and the air. The operation doubles the axis of the park in order to rise it to the sky and allow to observe its reality from a new perspective.


The main difficulty, when facing the project, comes from the existing beauty of the Capricho Gardens: trying not to add a noise that competes or reduces the natural grandeur of the park. That is why it opts for a sublime space that connects visually with the rest of the museum rooms and serves as a place of decompression from the exuberance of the park.


The void generated by Volavérunt connects the three protected courtyards of the palace to become one of them but covered, acclimatized, controlled, enabler, expository and energetic. They work together forming a heart-space within the palace. This interior-exterior connection allows a complex system of perspectives-looks: most of the exhibition spaces are visually related to the patios and the sublime garden. It is a visual system that connects the whole project through a hollow that sees everything, that connects everything.


“The art of our time is noisy and asks for silence.”

– Susan Sontag, Aesthetics of Silence


The sublimated emptiness transports us to the magic space of the Far Garden in height that culminates the return to the axis of the Park of the Capricho but, this time, from above. This space functions as a viewpoint and auditorium capable of configuring and giving meaning to the idea of a museum within the most exuberant space of nature in Madrid. In addition, the project recovers the old use of the covers to look at the garden and brings back the great love of the Duchess for classical music in the palace. The terrace of Capricho goes back to its origins.


In short, Volavérunt finds a hollow of opportunity inside a palace of rooms in order to generate a connected heart that takes you to the covers-auditorium-rooftop.