Code: (16.b.BL4)




/// Authors: Victor Mazón + JARD

/// Year: 2016

/// Prize: Co-winner in the competition Europe Lighting Festival Kassel

/// Prmtrs: Noise   Horror Vacui    Visual  Corporal        Error   Color   Nocturnalia     Kairos  Days    No        (i) Legal       Commons         Quotidian       Visibilise      Control Otherness       Collaborative   Ad hoc        Awarded Exposed


Turning off “public” lighting for a dedicated period of time [~ 5 min.] in order to generate/induce critic atmosphere




The project it´s mentioned as an action that links time, absent and emptiness full filed with interior/personal references to the power of public lighting, natural light and personal space.


From a social state it´s intended to create a [parenthesis] on daily synchronization to urban life and citizenship common periods.


Public resources are dislocated in time to engage a reflexive act about contemporary urban electric resources from a minimalistic and conceptual approach.


The conceptual position tries to contrast money and time investment on the production of an art project, proposing a simple action/thinking, but with a radical implication of citizenship and social thinking.


The project involves an internal negotiation with the local government, the electric company which controls the public lighting and festival staff.


All generated documentation will be released as an open edition with all produced media: electronic measurement of unused electricity, audiovisual documentation, photography, texts and related projects and incidents during [blackout] periods.