Code: (13.c.AUG)


Title: Augmented Tuesday Meals (MOOC)


/// Authors: Atxu Amann + Gonzalo Pardo Francisco A. García + Katerina Psegiannaki + JARD

/// Year: 2013

/// Prmtrs: Textual Media   Aural   Error   Atlas   Assemblage      Translation     Liquid  Kairos  Weeks   0.00 €               No Commons         Quotidian       99 %    Ludic   Affect  Visibilise      Contagion       Control        Otherness       Suburbia                     Collaborative      Ad hoc  Public  Pedagogy        Exposed


“Augmented Tuesday suppers” is an innovative experience and a disruptive approximation to online courses.  It encourages everybody to take part of a knowledge community based on dialogue about everyday-life subjects around a dining table during supper time. “Moockators” who wish to belong to this community, will enjoy a significant conversation as they eat around our augmented table.




Drawing an analogy with the Epicure’s philosophical garden, this space-time have been  chosen based on the belief that knowledge is better produced and assimilated by people while they are not expecting it.


Each session is designed around a subject as the center of the conversation hold by being discussed by seven face to face commensals and one million virtual ones. The dialogue will be managed by us as triggers involving two expert guests that will talk about topics around our lives shared by everybody like fear, anxiety, addiction, love, mistakes, loyalty and loneliness.


Although these subjects are common to everybody, we hardly feel estranged and analyze them from an outer perspective. Each topic can be approached from different points of view depending on the knowledge or the experience of the guests who belong to different contexts. Furthermore, the two invited specialists will assure the excellence of the contents.


Every proposed augmented Tuesday supper pieces are independent and don’t belong to a progressive learning sequence. They achieve their goal as a synergy shaped by the whole.


Two weeks before the session, topics will be introduced to participants in order to activate them.  In this time some useful information will be available so they will be able to prepare the comments and questions, which will be sent in seven days. During the following week, the group of activators will choose comments and questions that virtual guests will express as well as the three participants invited to the supper.