Code: (14.y.ARC)


Title: ARCoded


/// Authors: JARD

/// Year: 2014

/// Awards: 1st prize for young researchers of Spain in the national competition Arquímedes ’15.

/// Prmtrs: Noise   Horror Vacui    Media   Coding Atlas   Automatic       Assemblage      Translation     Mutant        Liquid  Months               0.00 €     No      Commons         Quotidian       99 %    Visibilise      Control        Otherness       Suburbia        Awarded Exposed


A R C is a programed routine for the evaluation and testing of massive architectonic data bases that conform a mutant network of automatic edifices.


A R C responds to an extreme research on automatic processing of a complex and complete mechanism of generating an architectonic answer from environment to building.




During the first wave of coding, the programmed parameters are selected between the existent databases that generate the routes between the surrounding attractors. It is visualized depending on the edificatory variables such as paths, uses, temporalities, structure, volume, supports or communications.


The next step, brings the scalar fields associated to the compiled intensities within the bi data that have been identified and labeled in a nodal system.


This coded layers become a metabolic system of computerized iterations as a response for a radical research on automatic processing to develop real-time complex systems from citizen needs to building.


A R C displays a multi-layered architectonic response both of the existing conditions and of the possible future settings, erasing the so called technological frontier of big data, that does not consist anymore in the collection and accumulation of data but in the capacity to manage, organize, classify and link them in a way that they become operative.