Code: (15.y.URB)


Title: Amorphous Archphabet


/// Authors: JARD

/// Year: 2015

/// Prmtrs: Textual Coding Atlas   Automatic       Assemblage      Translation     Static  Immanence       Months        0.00 €  Ludic


They are not letters, neither edifices. Just fragments of a digital approximation towards an amorphous liquid that may conform an architectonic system of communication. In one of the images, Javier tells you his deepest secret… In another picture, Rodrigo writes what is this and why now…


All the letters in the Amorphous Archphabet seem the same; are they all M´s? The different particularities of each one depends on the parametric procedure based on a series of geometric variables of the A-B-C vocabulary.





Dali´s sister blamed the Surrealists for the aberrant fantasies of his brother that produced works such as The Persistence of Memory. The author of Titus Andronicus, William Shakespeare, was commonly labeled by his contemporaries as an over-the-top and quirk writer. The transversal philosopher Nietzsche was stupid and abnormal according to Leon Tolstoy. Frank Zappa´s music and personal intelligence was described as if it was a kind hideous deformity. Amorphous has many forms and skims lots of fields but, ultimately, is at the core of eccentricity confronting the normal to the risky possibilities of the difference.


Human progress is furthered, not by conformity, but by aberration – H.L. Mencken