Code: (16.b.APA)


Title: A_park_ando, 3 bikes and 12 seats for a car


/// Authors: César Cañadas + Román Sost + JARD

/// Year: 2016

/// Award: 3rd Prize

/// Prmtrs: Corporal       Assemblage      Nocturnalia     Immanence       No      (i) Legal       Commons         Quotidian       99 %    Visibilise      Contagion       Suburbia        Collaborative   Open    Exogenous        Massive Awarded Public


A standard parking space in the city of Madrid measures 2.5 x 5 meters. Each adds up to a total of 12.5m2 of space occupied by each car.


A_park_ando proposes to make an alternative use of these 12.5m2 for the empowerment of citizens in their daily activities A_park_ando inserts a mobile urban furniture capable of being parked in any Madrid parking lot.




– 12.5m2 recovered to rest after school.

– 12.5m2 recovered to play in the afternoon.

– 12.5m2 recovered to read the latest novel by Ben Hamper.

– 12.5m2 recovered to leave the vegetables bag.

– 12.5m2 recovered to see people passing by.

– 12.5m2 recovered to talk about our things.

– 12.5m2 recovered to park the bicycle.

– 12.5m2 recovered to listen to Tote King.

– 12.5m2 recovered for the neighborhood.

– 12.5m2 recovered for the lads and the girls.

– 12.5m2 more of public space.

– 12.5m2 more of urban transparency.

– 12.5m2 less urban pollution.

– 12.5m2 less of visual blockage.

– 12.5m2 less noise.

– 12.5m2 recovered to be able to exercise as a citizen.

– 12.5m2 recovered for citizenship.


A_park_ando is a bench / stand to sit in the city of Madrid but, above all, it is a system of occupation of urban asphalt to transform it into a space of interaction.


A_park_ando is dimensioned to be able to be located in any Madrid´s parking space, adding to that space 12 seats and parking for 3 bicycles.


A_park_ando is built of perforated metals with different porosities that promote the visual connection of the urban space, opening and clearing sidewalks.


A_park_ando encourages ecological and non-polluting transport.


A_park_ando offers a superior platform that allows the view above the cars and, therefore, places the citizen ahead of the transport infrastructures.