Code: (10.b.365)


Title: 365 Other Possible Gran Vias (365 Otras Gran Vías Posibles)


/// Authors: Atxu Amann + Gonzalo Pardo + JARD

/// Year: 2010

/// Award: 1st Prize in the national competition “100 years of Gran Vía

/// Prmtrs: Noise   Horror Vacui    Textual Visual  Atlas   Color   Assemblage      Translation     Mutant        Nocturnalia     Obsolescence                 Liquid     Immanence       Kairos  Weeks   0.00 €  No      (i) Legal   Commons         Quotidian       Gender  99 %                 Ludic      Affect  Visibilise      Contagion        Control Otherness       Collaborative   Exogenous       Awarded Public  Exposed


The proposal is based on the idea of not adding any element, not constructing, not restricting and developing a community based process. It tries to bring the most representative street back to the social context, back to people of all kinds, emo, brides, naturists, heavies, musicians…


365 Possible Gran Vias transforms Gran Via into a big screen of the social context, the biggest and most important platform to claim that social structures have changed.





Architects have always been moralistic and arrogant. And men. Now, we can and must be more political. Even women. Even black. Even gays. Even unemployed, sportsmen, environmentalists, chefs, readers, musicians…


The architects took too long to build this great Madrid´s street, which has changed names many times as governments have had. No more. Now, La Gran Vía, exactly recognized for what it is: a Great Artery, which does not seem to need any reconstructive surgery. We are in crisis, we live in a global world, immigration increases, we are a secular country, I am Atletico, you may follow  Real Madrid or Barca.


Maria would like to take the kids to camp, Gorka likes to proudly celebrate their gay option, Don Rodrigo likes that tourists take pictures to his restaurant and come to try their patatas bravas, my mother likes it when the Gran Via disguises as Broadway and Penelope cuts the red tread, and Juan dreams of turning the fires in their neighborhood for good consumption…


The Gran Via is able to customize, to transform, to appropriate the character of each and every one of us. She can and knows what she has to do to be lived by all. She is pure space empathy. We, poor group of architects, students, sociologist and artist, we just have to organize the issue: establishing a timetable for the City to spread enjoyment.


It’s not a stupid idea. It is a proposal that adds the interests of traders, the dreamers, the Town Hall, athletes, locals and tourists, rare and those without. It concentrates all scattered initiatives in our city in the most worthy and amazing scenario with which we identify everyone´s looks.


Some events already existed in our calendar, some others were held marginally in remote areas, others were sued but nobody listened and some other personal desires are evidently ignored; desires are born of oneself, but are shared by many and my Gran Vía admits that Madrid is tolerant, diverse and chameleonic.


If today the Gran Vía goes dark, we’ve all been infected by the epidemic of blindness and darkness, we walk with fear, unsteadily on a road that leads from touching facades and known to all the bars in which we always find our people; without seeing them well, we hear them whisper the name of this 18 June Saramago.


The context or the competition consisted of trying to re-think new uses, transformations or alterations for Gran Via (which is the main and historic east-west artery of downtown Madrid) in order to amplify its relevance and well operation.


365 Possible Gran Vias is a proposal for a transformation that is not closed, not restrictive, not only one Gran Via but one Gran Vía each day of the year. The day for camping, the day for sport, for soccer for famous, for emos, for saving energy, the green day…. The format is a calendar where each day of the year is for one different celebration, but every celebration has the prerogatives of having the minimum impact on the Gran Via, being temporal, easily removable and reusable and the most important being inserted into the social context, the celebrations are for people.


Why do we have to get only one Gran Via? There are infinite possibilities!