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Title: 100X10 On the Road


/// Authors: Borja Gómez + Ioannes Busca + María Luisa de Miguel +.JARD

/// Collaborators: Adrián Agudo + Jaime Castilla + Jorge Valls + Natalia Vime

/// Year: 2012

/// URL: www.100×

/// Prmtrs: Noise   Horror Vacui    Textual Visual  Media   Corporal        Mutant  Nocturnalia     Obsolescence        Liquid  Kairos               Months     No      (i) Legal       Commons         Quotidian       Ludic   Affect        Visibilise      Contagion       Control Otherness                    Suburbia   Collaborative   Participatory        Massive Awarded Pedagogy        Exposed


100 x 10 “on the road” was a movable high performance architecture campus in which for 240 hours, a diverse group powered 100 basic abilities to design architecture from their individual talents and natural rarities through strategies of nomadism. All was tested in the development and delivery of the existing competition: “Instant house” ( Four out of the six proposals that we sent to the competition were awarded and the students travelled to Milano.




From our own movement from place to place (Cordoba, Granada, Sierra Nevada, the desert of plastic, Almería, Cabo de Gata, Murcia, Alicante …) we appeared in cultural centers, art centers, historical monuments, universities, natural reserves, beaches, seabeds, where we met with amazing guests and their abilities and together we acted, ate, recorded, produces, talked and, then, disappeared. Environment / action / reflection / uptake and production formed a loop that is not developed in a linear fashion and is both active and destructive at the same time. By moving from place to place, we removed the ground and only focused on time; temporality.


“Life is like riding a bicycle: to keep your balance, you must keep moving…”

Albert Einstein


No deliveries, no grades, without hierarchies, moving from one place to another, we appeared, acted, intervened and immersed ourselves in a learning experience of contagion within the places where we passed by. Guided by who were students short time ago, the group developed the hundred basic skills to design architecture through one hundred actions to be held for ten days from city to city, from beach to beach, from guest to guest. Without teachers, some played the role of showing others their own skills and knowledge, respecting their freedom, in a collective atmosphere, plural and dignified, in which everyone creates its own assembly by taking the layers of reality that interested him.


The workshop 100 x 10 involves participants in processes that fostered attitudes of knowledge related to the fields crosscutting and interdisciplinary, within a flexible and experimental educational model of a hyper-course. Through 100 actions / strategic skills, the members developed the ability to reflect on their own actions and transmit this reflections; they acquired the ability to explain the processes of the project as it is conceived and constructed by images and texts; they bettered the ability to systematize concepts and operations, isolating situations that allow communication; they trained the ability to interpret products by a system of analysis based on a smart look that reveals the procedures and conclusions in which it has been made; they gained the ability to create, understand, read and translate different codes and the ability to be free by destroying the collective imagination and questioning our everyday fundamentals.


100 x 10 is a system of transferring knowledge, tools, procedures, and attitudes.


100×10 is the attitude of hitting the road, of being 30 or one, appear, act, disappear and, then, start all over again.


2011 Cienpordieceros: Laura, Gadea, Manu, Irene, Rocio, Pablo, Diego, Jorge, Silvia, Ignacio, María del Carmen, Claudia, Juanjo, Belén, Miguel, Cristina, Jaime, Marta, Irma, Paula, Leticia, Marcos, Gemma, Marta, Claudia, María Jesús, Ana, Celia y Maca.


This initiative has only been possible to the solidary help and assistance of: Atxu Amann, Ignacio Borrego, Andrés Canovas, Ana Cañas, Sergio del Castillo, Eva Castiñeira, Mariana Cornejo, Antonio Carrión, Marina Garcia, Diego Garrido, Enrique Herrada, Luis Diaz Mauriño, María Escudero, Victoria Fernández, Julián Fernández, Ramón Gámez, Paula García-Masedo, Pedro Hernández, Martín Lejárraga, Marta Maíz, Quique Montero, Fernando Morán, Gonzalo Pardo, Gema Parreño, Almudena Ribot, Marcelo Ruiz-Pardo, Luis Pancorbo, Álvaro Quintana, Joseba Sánchez, Sara Sierra, Javier Seguí, Joaquin de Sola, Álvaro Soto, Martina “la Vikinga” y Marco Zurita entre muchos otros