Code: (13.c.OLE)


Title: 100X10 Olé


/// Authors: Borja Gómez + JARD

/// Collaborators: Miguel Hernández + Cris Herrero + Diego Iglesias + Iago Romero

/// Year: 2013

/// URL: www.100×

/// Prmtrs: Noise   Horror Vacui    Textual Visual  Media   Corporal        Diagram Mutant  Nocturnalia        Obsolescence    Liquid               Kairos     Months  No      (i) Legal       Commons         Quotidian        Ludic   Affect  Visibilise      Contagion       Control              Otherness Suburbia        Collaborative        Participatory   Massive Awarded Pedagogy        Exposed


Everything around us seems to be mutating. Instead of ignoring this context, architecture seems to be suffering even more intensely. It is time to find new ways of action, leverage the resources and innovate.


100 x 10 “OLÉ: guerrilla architecture within instant environments ” was an ordinary high performance architecture campus in which for 240 hours, a diverse group powered 100 basic abilities to design architecture from their individual talents and natural rarities through strategies of “guerrilla”.




Society is changing fast, in a constant oscillation between the political and economic crisis, so we cannot wait the context to tell us what architecture do. We need to get ahead. Let´s act and, then, think. Let´s not stuck in eternal strategic discussions. Let´s think of ad hoc architecture. Let´s experience guerrilla architecture within instant environments. When nothing is nothing and it can be anything, we have to shoot the arrow with unprecedented accuracy.


Architecture may be just being on vacation. And vacations can build architecture. The key is intensity. Be intensely playful, intensely fighters, intensely designers… We were going to the beach. It was an extraordinary opportunity to design. We did not go to any beach: we were heading towards the quintessential instant beach. We used its mass, its concentration of events, its urbanism. It was an opportunity to build an ephemeral architecture environment. Trial and error, object and experience, action and reflection in a real environment. In 2011 we withdraw from society, in 2012 rode it at full speed, this year we dived into it to build the debate from the events of the everyday.


We immersed ourselves in a live learning, where we looked at the reality filtering the layers of information that interested us, to finally get critic of everyday events. We will exploit the beach, urban fringe of hybrid program; from fishing for sole to the domestic transformation of the beach. We will strengthen criticism and self-criticism. We will question everything from the urban development of the Spanish coast to the way we greet, through which means for society to wear any kind of flip flops.


We are architects, we generate results. 100 actions and delivery of an international competition. Once puzzled, we looked at reality in another way. We could not be indifferent to the context that surrounded us: we acted on it, we proved it, built it, designed it.


We go to the town with beach, to turn its seemingly playful environment into a center of intensive work. We go to the core of summer vacations, to the place of hybrid holiday. We go to the south, to the daily intensity. We go to the complex, to the mutant. We go to the everyday, to rethink it.


We’re going to 100×10, to an attitude.


2011 Cienpordieceros: Paula, Ana, Silvia, Paula, Aida, Cris, Rocio, Raquel, Irene, Helena, Alvaro, Raúl, Jorge, Jaime, Carlos, Javier, Inés, Marta, David, Román, Néstor, César, Anna, Daniel, Pablo, Almudena y Laura.


This initiative has only been possible to the solidary help and assistance of: Atxu Amann, Ignacio Borrego, Andrés Canovas, Ana Cañas, Sergio del Castillo, Eva Castiñeira, Mariana Cornejo, Antonio Carrión, Marina Garcia, Diego Garrido, Enrique Herrada, Luis Diaz Mauriño, María Escudero, Victoria Fernández, Julián Fernández, Ramón Gámez, Paula García-Masedo, Pedro Hernández, Martín Lejárraga, Marta Maíz, Quique Montero, Fernando Morán, Gonzalo Pardo, Gema Parreño, Almudena Ribot, Marcelo Ruiz-Pardo, Luis Pancorbo, Álvaro Quintana, Joseba Sánchez, Sara Sierra, Javier Seguí, Joaquin de Sola, Álvaro Soto, Martina “la Vikinga” y Marco Zurita entre muchos otros