Code: (11.c.HIG)


Title: High Performance Architecture Center


/// Authors: Borja Gómez + Ioannes Busca + María Luisa de Miguel + JARD

/// Year: 2011

/// URL: www.100×

/// Prmtrs: Noise   Horror Vacui    Textual Visual  Media   Corporal        Diagram Mutant  Nocturnalia        Obsolescence    Liquid               Kairos     Months  No      (i) Legal       Commons         Quotidian        Ludic   Affect  Visibilise      Contagion       Control              Otherness Suburbia        Collaborative        Participatory   Massive Awarded Pedagogy        Exposed


100×10 is an official association dedicated to reflect on the contemporary pedagogy of the architectural project. The main objective of 100×10 is to create innovative pedagogy experiences that involve the participants in processes of continuous action and then reflect about it (“Learning to think”).


In the 2011 experience, the group worked regarding on architectural matters, during 10 days (240 hours), in a small town in Segovia with 7 inhabitants and no Internet or phone coverage.





We focused our efforts on the notion of heterogeneity where everyone can read and extract what needs at all times. Going to the mountains, where even the glow of the streetlights does not reach and where you can see the stars at night, is a good yardstick for measuring the degree to which a person has been able to get far away of the “average milk” that we eat every morning. But under the stars none is alone.


If something should enable educational innovation is the ability to communicate differently with oneself and with others; that is, to travel our personal journey. Custom and familiar environments assume the condition of restricting, limiting and guiding the diverse criteria, opinions, actions and reflections. It could be said that the already known homogenizes all those involved in this theater of the everyday. It prevents the alternative readings, unconventional actions, the cross reflections and, ultimately, brings us closer to mediocrity. So what everyone needs and wants is diluted in the daily work.


100×10 has never had an arithmetic character, nor has never referred to skills or days that would serve as a panacea to progress in an academic field such as architecture. 1000, 5786 or 10000 skills, relationships, experiences, impacts, words, models, computer hours or trodden steps: all this has its own place. If we’re on the other side of the mountains, why do we need the precision of the people that live where the stars are not visible?


As the information of this project is enormous and is an ongoing project, to know more, please visit:×10 (for the older version)

www.100× (for the ongoing version)


2011 Cienpordieceros: Erika, Alejandro, Ana, Sofía, Marina, Guille, Santi, Jaime, Alber, Jorge, Rob, Cristina, Adrián y Natalia.


This has only been possible to the solidary help and assistance of: Atxu Amann, Ignacio Borrego, Andrés Canovas, Ana Cañas, Sergio del Castillo, Eva Castiñeira, Mariana Cornejo, Antonio Carrión, Marina Garcia, Diego Garrido, Enrique Herrada, Luis Diaz Mauriño, María Escudero, Victoria Fernández, Julián Fernández, Ramón Gámez, Paula García-Masedo, Pedro Hernández, Martín Lejárraga, Marta Maíz, Quique Montero, Fernando Morán, Gonzalo Pardo, Gema Parreño, Almudena Ribot, Marcelo Ruiz-Pardo, Luis Pancorbo, Álvaro Quintana, Joseba Sánchez, Sara Sierra, Javier Seguí, Joaquin de Sola, Álvaro Soto, Martina “la Vikinga” y Marco Zurita entre muchos otros